Homefull is a Private Foundation Non-Profit 501(c)3 with a five member Board of Directors.

The five board members include two Business Owners, one Energy Business Analyst, one Educator and one Government Employee. 

Their specialties include business advising, city regulations advising, IT advising, marketing advising, non-profit advising, and marginalized communities advising.

Contact the board with any concerns at:


Involved in politics since she was a child, she has been a precinct chair and worked on candidates’ campaigns numerous times and in numerous cities.  She has worked as an activist and advocate fighting for social justice involving women’s rights, reproductive rights, medical rights and homeless rights. She has served as a Nextdoor Lead, admin of several online groups, VP of her HOA, Committee Chair for her Super Neighborhood, Precinct Chair, and volunteer for many social justice activities.  She currently utilizes the Nextdoor platform to assist the homeless and others.  She sees the world as a place that needs help in becoming an equalized society.  This belief has brought her to found the project to help the homeless.  Her greatest strength is her persistence to get things done no matter the obstacles.  She works as a business analyst in the Energy industry.  Closest to her heart are animals, especially cats.  She has taken in, fostered and found homes for many a cat and even a couple of dogs.  


Mark has helped the homeless in Houston for about 30 years.  He has funded those who needed shelter, food, clothing, medical care, etc.  He is a tireless supporter of the homeless even bringing several homeless people into his home to live.  He has had a vision of a homeless community in Houston for many years.  He has been working inside the loop in the southeast area to open a community of homeless people.  He has been hampered by city regulations and funding. He helps Homefull with his knowledge of city regulations.  He too is a lover of animals and has taken in many a homeless cat and dog.  He works for the federal government.


Jimmy is a local entrepreneur who has experience working with local nonprofit organizations and causes. He not only started his own 501(c)3 non-profit at the age of 14, but makes it a priority to provide the resources necessary for other organizations to reach their own mission statements. His specialty lies in digital marketing and branding (which includes, but is not limited to: web design, SEO, strategy & analytics).  He helps Homefull with all digital marketing and non-profit advising.  He is the business owner of Blue Bandit Digital.


Rod runs Daily Data Inc, an IT business in operation since 1995. He is a great asset to Homefull with his business acumen and years of business operational knowledge. He has great ideas for helping the homeless, hungry and disenfranchised populations. 


As an educator, Jason brings to the board the knowledge of the younger people that can often be on the streets as they are released into the world right after high school.  He is also the faculty sponsor for one of the marginalized groups of society.  This also offers Homefull the advantage of getting first hand advice for the same marginalized group of people that could be among our homeless clients.