Our Mission

Assisting the west Houston homeless population with supplies and coordination of services.

Volunteers packing food and drinks into paper bags

Our Principles

We will rely on a secular focus in order to respect all belief systems.  There will be no unsolicited spiritual advice of any kind including preaching, proselytizing, forced prayer or sacred text study, pamphlet handouts or inflicting our own beliefs or creeds onto the homeless clients.

Our Values

We will not publicly judge nor speak negatively of the homeless.

We will not make them fit into our idea of what a normal life is.

We will support them the best we can from the place that they are at now.

We will try to give them what they want rather than what we think they should want.

We will listen more than we talk so that the homeless can experience being heard.

We will learn their names, preferences and build relationships with them.

We will not assume that they can overcome an addiction like others might.

We will not expect them to have the same reasons as others to change their lives.

We will not request that they give up anything in order to get shelter.

We will not preach, proselytize, nor inflict our own beliefs onto them nor will we argue with them.

We will not say that they are weak if they have an addiction.

We will understand that the chronic homeless suffer under rules without their mental health needs being met.

We will always strive to keep everyone safe.
Dirty beggar sitting on night-bag

Our Vision for Future Shelter

We will provide shelter for the people who are unable at the time to get shelter for themselves.

We will provide a place out of the elements for the homeless for as long or as short of a time as they desire.

Although we will offer support services, we will not require any homeless clients to partake of any services.

The homeless clients will not have to leave their belongings behind to stay at our shelters.

The homeless clients do not have to give up their pets to stay at our shelters.

The homeless clients do not have to be addiction-free to stay at our shelters.

The only rule for homeless clients at our facilities is that they may not harm others or property.

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