Debora Birnbaum, September 3, 2018  (Homefull Donor)    “The people involved in this project are kind, inspiring, intelligent social justice activists.”                                                                                                                           

Patricia Seip, January 22, 2020  (Homefull Volunteer)    “A huge Thank You to Homefull for allowing me the opportunity to bring shelter to a stranded woman from Florida discovered at a bus stop by my homeless friends. They called me to help and because of Homefull we did just that. ❤️” 

Liz McConnell, January 26, 2020  (Houston Activist)    “This is a wonderful non-profit doing the hard work getting services and supplies to the least among us.” 

Monique Davis, May 4, 2020  (Women Connection Inc President)    “I have had the good fortune of volunteering with the founder of Homefull, Rhonda Kelley for the past year. I have worked with her on many occasions volunteering with the homeless in west Houston and it has been an awesome experience. She shows true dedication to the people she gets involved with, and tries to help out as much as she can whatever the circumstances may be. I find that she is very organized and full of resources that can be helpful in times of need. She demonstrates a strong commitment to the mission of Homefull by training the volunteers and making sure that the homeless get clothes and other essentials that they need in order to deal with everyday living. It has been a pleasure working with her.”                                                                                        

Rilla Askew, February 7, 2022, (Homefull Donor) “We all hope to make the world a better place. But Rhonda and her Homefull volunteers are out there doing it like it’s their regular job 24/7.”